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Hi. I'm Sara. 

Mother to six children + two fur babies. Wife to my absolute love. Business enthusiast. Outdoor lover. Kayaking novice. Lover of words. International Content Expert. And believer in magic. I'm over a decade in on this dream I had of starting my own business - and it's been worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears. Check out my podcast to hear more of my story. Or head over to the services page to learn more about my portfolio and how I can connect your business to your community (and your BIG dreams!) and support your success journey. 

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Meet A Few of My Amazing Clients


The level of ownership and ability to re-create my voice is unmatched. 10/10 recommend the services - whether it's editing, emails series, or copy for a launch - we rely on HLCC to get our business out there and make us look/sound good! The amount of time we save, let's my team focus on creating money-making products and client outreach.

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Raamon Newman

Before Sara writes or puts anything out there she makes sure she gets it...I mean really gets deeply listening, metabolizing and refining the message you're trying to share so she's literally you writing what you really want to say. Then she'll add her magical, creative, and articulate genius to the content so you sound and look better than you even thought you were...what more could you ask? 

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Tracy Hazzard

HLCC has been my not-so-secret weapon for years now... creating great articles + content around a large variety of topics. They get my voice AND more importantly HLCC has helped me keep up with the prolific content demands and allowed me to do what I do best – run my business. 

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