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The New American Dream takes you behind the scenes of businesses across America. Explore unspoken struggles, universal insecurities, unexpected triumphs, and honest truths about chasing “the dream.”


Having worked with over a thousand startup brands, Sara brings her experiences in attaining industry-diverse success to the podcast. On The New American Dream, Sara lends her skills in sales, marketing, copywriting, content creation, leadership development, and behavioral analysis to support teams, guide culture, feature businesses, and highlight YOUR New American Dream.



Hey dreamer - Sara here - to share some BIG truths...

Existing, within you right now, is an entire Universe of potential. There are truly no limitations to the reality you can create... but there are definitely limitations to the reality you will create. And that's not good enough.


You are living in unprecedented times and the world around you is waking up to a changed reality. That reality is showing everyone, in new ways every single day, that we are the builders of the future- we are the architects of this awakening. We are no longer accepting 'less than'.


What role will you play?

What are you capable of?

How BIG can you dream?

New American Dream is the place to answer these questions, hear answers from other dreamers just like you... It's the place for inspiration, real stories  (sorry, not everyone relates to Jeff Bezos) and real dreams to find new life!


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From growing up in extreme poverty to trauma, loss, and everything life served up in between; I've experienced plenty, and what I've discovered is nothing short of amazing. 


We get to choose. And the double edge of that sword is that we have to choose. 

And in order to choose effectively, we have to be connected to our inner Universe of potential and an awesome external community who will support us and lift us up. 


Otherwise, we choose and lose... over and over again. Nothing is sustainable when you cannot protect it. Your potential is my business.

Let's dream BIG together! 


You've been lied to. Your whole life. 

You've been told that all of the answers are "out there".

You've been told that "out there" is anywhere but within you. 

You've been pushed to seek out those answers in places they never were. 

You've been forced to accept topical and short term answers and solutions as real. 

You've blamed yourself for not being able to get what you want, protect it, and keep it. 

You've forgotten your potential, disconnected and misaligned from the amazing truth within. 


Growth is an inside job. 

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This simple truth effects everything you create in the world around you. Businesses will plateau over and over again, if the leader at the helm only has the capacity to go "that far". If you're ready to take life, business, relationships, success, and happiness to the next level - you're in the right place. This is the place where *new dreams* come true.

Our community is here to lift you up, share with you, inspire you and educate you - so your New American Dream becomes your new reality. 




For the past 10-years, I've built an executive coaching business with small businesses, corporations and government clients believing in my dream. I've worked for some of the greatest minds in their respective industries, I've written books and I've dared to dream BIG. My day job is just as much fun as being on air. This is what I've spent the last decade developing: 

DISC-based Personality Assessments: We always start here because this is the elixir that shows us your internal workings. These assessments show us your strengths, weaknesses, communication style, and shadow behaviors that interrupt your potential and progress. 

360 Coaching: Sessions are used to debrief assessment results initially, and then to take those results as far as possible, to get the most out of what is revealed. Coaching will help you learn to use the strengths you've uncovered, reveal the shadows you want to shine light on, and ultimately unlock maximum potential within yourself so you can dream BIG with little insecurity, fear or hesitation.

Training: Workshops, webinars, and online programs are focused on very specific areas of potential growth I commonly see with clients and assessee's. Training allows us to dig deeper into your abilities, capacity, and consciousness. The proper training, relying on the foundation you've built, will create actionable steps into the future of your potential... the entire reason you're here. 

Content: HLCC is the content firm I built to meet my clients numerous content, copy, branding and marketing needs. Our team at HLCC is in tune with every clients voice, for maximum results and content that makes money while making the most out of every single word. 


Can't wait to chat!

Are you ready to get in the hot seat?! And share your BIG dreams with the world? 

Our listeners are ready to listen to your story, your struggles, your triumphs and your dreams.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, submit a form below to apply to be a guest on New American Dream, and someone from our team will reach out within 3-business days.

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Proud to be based in Columbus, Ohio

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